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Synthaholics Episode 125: The Killing Game with Adam Herr

Episode 125: The Killing Game with Adam Herr

Episode 125: The Killing Game with Adam Herr

This week Aaron and David discuss the Killing Game with Adam Herr. Adam Herr is a member of The Geekiverse and we’ve had different guests from the Geekivers in the past.

This week is an extra long episode clocking in at just over two hours because we have about 40 minutes of discussion of news and and rabbit holes. We finally get around to discussing the new SDCC Star Trek Discovery Trailer and get into some of the articles that have been released since SDCC.

Once we get past the news we talk about Adam’s favorite episode of Star Trek Voyager The Killing Game! This is a holodeck two parter episode where the Hirogen have taken over Voyager and forced Harry Kim to convert the ship into a giant holodeck. Meanwhile the Hirogen run programs where they can hunt the crew of Voyager over and over again. This is a fun episode as many of the hologram episodes tend to be. There are some strange leaps this episode makes and we have fun getting into all of them. Make whatever drink you are having a triple because this weekly shot of Star Trek is a long one!

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