The Crew

David Duncan


David Duncan is a life-long fan of Star Trek; David’s father is a big Trek fan, so David knew about Star Trek from the time he could speak. His father helped him learn the Vulcan salute, as a young boy, by taping the appropriate fingers together on both hands at the same time! David is a game design graduate of Full Sail University, and he furthers his game design knowledge by doing Game Jams whenever possible. David also regularly works with Maya and Photoshop as a self-taught artist.  In his free time, he manages and edits this Synthaholics podcast! He currently works in IT.

Aaron O’Brian


Aaron O’Brian is a life long Trekie and comic book enthusiast. He is a comic book artist and illustrator for the graphic novel Return to Snakeland.  Aaron’s artwork has been featured in ArtVoice, Buffalo Spree Magazine, The Record and the Visions Anthology #1 and #2. He and David met in 2013. While working together they found out that Star Trek was a common interest. In 2015 Aaron and David started talking about doing a Star Trek Podcast thus Synthaholics was born!

A Star Trek Podcast