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Synthaholics Episode 144: Janeway, Ransom, and the Equinox

Episode 144: Janeway, Ransom, and the Equinox

Episode 144: Janeway, Ransom, and the Equinox

This week we have a request to talk about the Star Trek Voyager Episode Equinox. This request came from the Synthaholics Facebook group around when Episode 4 of Star Trek Discovery aired. Comparisons were made between Captain Ransom and Lorca so we thought this would be a fun episode to touch on while Star Trek Discovery is still fresh in our minds. If you ever make contact with a green floating alien don’t try to make fuel out of it! If you are looking for drink ideas check out the Synthaholics YouTube channel. There you will find some drink to try while you enjoy your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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