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Episode 269: Far Beyond the Stars with Guy Davis

Episode 269: Far Beyond the Stars with Guy Davis

Episode 269: Far Beyond the Stars with Guy Davis

This week David, Aaron and Guy break away from the Expanse to talk about current issues. Warning: this episode we do get very political! As our country struggles with the issues of race and equality we dive into a classic Deep Space Nine episode. In this story the Prophets transport Sisko to the 1950s. Sisko becomes Benny Russell, a science-fiction writer that struggles with civil rights and inequality. When Benny writes his best story of Captain Benjamin Sisko a black commander of a futuristic space station. Benny is met with resistance to his story. This story echoes what we are seeing today and we break down our feelings and views of these issues in depth. It isn’t the easiest listen. Reality can be harsh. So pour yourself a strong drink. Enjoy together responsibly!

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