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Episode 217: Tuvix: A Botanical Catastrophe

Episode 217: Tuvix: A Botanical Catastrophe

Episode 217: Tuvix: A Botanical Catastrophe

David is still recuperating from his frolicking on Pandora, so this week it’s just Aaron and Holly trying to wrap their heads around the Trolly Dilemma… sort of. Tuvix is a Voyager episode where Tuvok and Neelix are morphed into one being due to a breed of orchid being present in the transporter beam while the two are beaming back to the ship. There is much to chuckle about throughout this episode, even if it essentially ends in murder -”Give and Take” am I right? So grab a drink or just kick up your feet, and appreciate the fact that you have better friends than Tuvix has. Well… had. #JusticeForTuvix

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