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Episode 131: The Klingon Pop Warrior takes us Once More Unto the Breach

Episode 131: The Klingon Pop Warrior takes us Once More Unto the Breach

Episode 131: The Klingon Pop Warrior takes us Once More Unto the Breach

This week on Synthaholics Jen The Klingon Pop Warrior takes us Once More Unto the Breach! Jenbom our guest this week is the Klingon Pop Warrior.

We ask her to tell her story to how she got into singing songs in Klingon. Jen also wanted to talk about the amazing Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode Once More Unto the Breach. Jen lets us know that even though this in an amazing episode there was only one real Klingon word in the whole episode.

Once we recap the episode we talk more about Klingon. DuoLingo is adding Klingon to their app this month so we can all start learning Klingon. We also get Jen’s take on the Star Trek Discovery Klingons. Grab your favorite vintage of Bloodwine or a good cold glass of raktajino it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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