Episode 151: Star Trek Discovery What's Past is Prologue

Episode 151: Star Trek Discovery What’s Past is Prologue

Episode 151: Star Trek Discovery What's Past is Prologue

Synthaholics Episode 151: Star Trek Discovery What’s Past Is Prologue

Aaron and David discuss the latest Star Trek Discovery Episode What’s Past is Prologue. Mirror Lorca is free and sets his crew free so can make his move against Emperor Georgiou. The USS Discovery is warping into a trap and Michael is wanted alive by her former captain. With Stamets now awake the crew of the USS Discovery learns that the ISS Charon is what is causing damage to the mycelium network and is potential an unwitting the ultimate multiverse wide doomsday machine!

We give you the lowdown on what happens in this week’s episode and our confused thoughts for what’s to come. We hope you like hot drinks because we might have to slingshot around the sun soon. It’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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