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Episode 194: Spotting Dax III – Rules of Acquisition

It’s time for another episode of Spotting Dax! This week Aaron, Holly and David talk about the Star Trek Deep Space Nine season two episode Rules of Acquisition. Now we do hear you saying well isn’t this a Ferengi heavy episode?

You would be correct this is a Ferengi episode but, Dax is a way more interesting character and shows more character development in this episode as a side character then she did for her last two episodes. Just minutes into watching Rules of Acquisition we knew this was going to be a heavy episode. The episode opens with Dax playing Tango with a group of Ferengi and they discus Ferengi culture and the way women are treated in their culture. So once we finish the recap we have quite the discussion.

Pour yourself a glass of tulaberry wine it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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