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Episode 205: If Memory Serves

Episode 205: If Memory Serves

Episode 205: If Memory Serves Discovery S2E8

Captain Stuart Foley from Trekyards joins Aaron and David this week to discuss If Memory Serves the latest episode of the second season of Star Trek Discovery. If Memory Serves is the mother of all call back episodes reaching far back to the unaired pilot The Cage. Before we get into the episode Stuart lets us know what’s new with Trekyards and we discuss some news we forgot to mention last week. This week Michael and Spock head to Talos IV and meet Vina and the Talosians. Section 31 tries to keep Discovery from meeting up with Spock and Michael and when everything is said and done the crew of the USS Discovery is now on  the run. We also discuss Talosian retirement and the founding of Risa! Get ready for a mind trip, grab yourself some everclear because it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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