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Episode 118: Wild Hologram Virtuoso

Synthaholics Episode 118: Wild Hologram Virtuoso

Synthaholics Episode 118: Wild Hologram Virtuoso

Have you seen the Wild Hologram Virtuoso? This week we talk about the Star Trek Voyager Episode Virtuoso where the doctor gets a bit wild to the point of resigning his commission to be a professional singer to a race that finds him to be a primitive holo matrix. After hearing Erin Gray audition for Janeway on Voyager David can’t watch Voyager without thinking about that. Aaron brings up what it must be like for the doctor where none of his friends seem to appreciate his other talents and skill other than doctoring. So we both talk times in our life where our talents may not have been appreciated. This discussion leads into some thoughts about our education system as a whole. Virtuoso brings up some of the same thoughts and ideas about the personhood and the sentience of holographic beings that were brought out last week on Holograms Gone Wild. We hope you enjoy your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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