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Episode 209: Through the Valley of Shadows Discovery S2E12

Episode 209: Through the Valley of Shadows

Episode 209: Through the Valley of Shadows Discovery S2E12

Holly, Aaron and David are guestless this week and we three must walk Through the Valley of Shadows on our own! Through the Valley of Shadows is the twelfth episode of Star Trek Discovery we only have two more episodes before season two is over.

Anson Mount shines as Captain Pike in this week as his future is unveiled to him while he trying to find himself a time crystal on the Klingon monastery planet of Boreth. Michael goes of on an adventure with Spock and meets another assimilated section 31 agent who’s not super smart.

Is control the Genesis of the Borg, will the Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery tie into the Calypso Short Trek? Well we’ve got two weeks to find out. Grab your best quartz or time crystal infused spirit it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek.

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