Episode112: Giant cats and comics

Giant Cats and comics

Episode 112: Giant cats and comics

When David is missing Aaron and Guy talk Giant cats and comics! This week Synthaholics goes into a deep dive on the Star Trek the animated series episode The Slaver Weapon. What would you put into a time capsule if you knew everything in it would be perfectly preserved? Lets hope it wouldn’t be a selfie, raw meat, and a swiss army gun. But if you did the Kzinti would probably appreciate it. This is one of two episodes where we ever see the Kzinti a bipedal cat like race who is bent on uncovering something to overthrow the federation. Once Aaron and Guy finish talking The Slaver weapon they get into a discussion about Guy’s Star Trek comic the USS Tamerlane. This leads to a segue to a Star Trek The Wrath of Khan and to Star Trek Nemesis! Anything and everything in this week’s episode of Synthaholics!

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