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Episode 170: The Practical Joker and Emails

Episode 170: The Practical Joker and Emails

Episode 170: The Practical Joker and Emails

Aaron and David discuss the Star Trek animated series episode “The Practical Joker”. This week we also received two new emails and we read and answer both after the recap and discussion of “The Practical Joker.” But before we get to “The Practical Joker”  we discuss the Star Trek Discovery news that the showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts have been fired by CBS and are now longer working on Star Trek Discovery. Alex Kurtzman will be taking over as showrunner so Aaron and I also discuss our thoughts on that as well.

Did you ever think the USS Enterprise could or would have a sense of humor? It’s not something I have ever thought about but apparently some people did back in the 70s and this is how we got The Practical Joker! Also if you tweet be sure to twitter bomb Star Trek and Star Trek Discovery to #BringBackSybok and #WhereIsSybok. I recommend you pour yourself something strong. It’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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