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Episode 132: Assignment Earth?

Episode 132: Assignment Earth?

Synthaholics Episode 132: Assignment Earth?

Do you remember that time Star Trek did a backdoor pilot back in the second season? David didn’t until Aaron suggested that we watch the original series episode Assignment Earth.

This episode centers around this cat named Isis and her human secret agent Gary Seven. The Enterprise some how intercepts their transporter beam while for some strange reason being on a mission to observe 1968. Assignment Earth is Star Trek the animated series level of strange! We are thankful there was a letter writing campaign to bring Star Trek back for a third season otherwise this could of been the series finale of the Original Series!

This episode has some very fascinating historical events happen close to the episodes release that were hinted at within the episode. Also is Gary Seven a Time Lord? If not then where did he get that Sonic Screwdriver? Pour yourself an extra strong drink it’s about to get weird on your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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