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Episode 355: Fallout Season 1 Part 1 

Episode 355: Fallout Season 1 Part 1 

This week we are discussing the first half of Fallout season 1, from the studio that brought us classics hits such as Rings of Power and Wheel of Time!. Will Amazon turn in another quick cash grab and ignore all the lore? Well It turns out Amazon studios does not always throw out all of the lore. If only some of their other shows got the same treatment.Tune in to get our more in depth thoughts of Fallout! We have a new format with video game news as its own separate thing exclusively to YouTube. It’ll also be on twitch if you happen to catch us live! So if you are into video game discussion be sure to subscribe there. Until then take care and email us at Synthaholics@yahoo.com because we demand it!

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