Episode 6: Robots Gone Wild!!!!


Episode 6: Robots Gone Wild!!!

Things get toasty as David and Aaron take a look all the times that robots in Star Trek have lost control and threatened humanity! In this episode you’ll hear about TOS Episodes What LIttle Girls are Made of? and The Changeling.We also briefly touch on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We then move to TNG and talk about Datalore, The Schizoid Man, Brothers, and Descent 1 and 2! In this episode we are conveniently skipping talking about holodecks and holograms going wild. This may make subject matter for a future episode of Synthaholics! Plus an all new Riker Scores segment closing the book forever on our favorite android’s little black book! Don’t forget to check us out on iTunes so you can subscribe and leave us a rating and review so you can let us know how we are doing so we can improve! Live Long and Prosper!


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