Episode 44: Guy Davis and the USS Tamerlane

Episode 44: Guy Davis and the USS Tamerlane

This week on Synthaholics Fayth has marooned herself on Sherman’s planet. The tribbles have eaten all the food and have gone after this power Cables on her ship! It is imperative that David and Aaron launch a rescue mission to save her from the doom that is Sherman’s planet! But first David and Aaron welcome Guy Davis to the show to talk with us about his Star Trek Webcomic USS Tamerlane. (http://usstamerlane.com/) Guy talks with us about how he first got into Star Trek, into drawing/comics, and how he got into doing a Star Trek comic. We discuss the pros and cons of drawing traditionally vs. drawing digitally and much much more. Please check out Guy’s Paetron page (https://www.patreon.com/GSDavisArt?ty=h) he has some goals so he can bring us Tamerlane twice a week and another that will bring Tamerlane and Springs to life with animation! Please support this amazing artist and passionate Trekkie! He also has a Facebook page specifically for the Tamerlane (https://www.facebook.com/usstamerlane/?fref=ts) Go give it a look! Please don’t forget to check out the rest of our links (including the Synthaholic’s Patreon) below! Now sit back grab some Romulan ale, Kanar or whatever wets your whistle! It’s time for Synthaholics!

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