Episode 43: The Synthaholics Star Wars Holiday Special!

Episode 43: The Synthaholics Star Wars Holiday Special!

It’s that time of year the special time of year for Holidays Specials! You know what is special this holiday season Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens! So we at Synthaholics are giving you our SPOILERTASTIC two hour review and breakdown of the latest Star Wars movie! You should know by now that it’s mostly fun and games with us at Synthaholics but seriously this episode contains all the spoilers for Star Wars The Force Awakens so please wait to listen to this until after you have seen this movie if you do not want this spoiled! Please excuse our taking a break from Star Trek for this week! But never fear Star Trek references are sprinkled throughout! Grab your eggnog, champagne, wine, blood wind, blue bantha milk, scotch, kanar, or whatever type of Synthahol you fancy because it’s time for your weekly shot of Synthaholics!

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