Episode 64: Worst of the worst

Episode 64: Worst of the worst

Last year we got an email asking us to talk about some of our least favorite episodes! Well it has been a while but good things come to those who wait. This week Guy and Tawnya join David through this romp of the worst episodes we could think of. The worst of the worst! So our mission this week was to each pick 3 of our least favorite episodes, keep them a secret from each other until the time of recording. Then we must say the episode, why it was our least favorite, and then propose some way to fix the episode to make it better to add some positivity to the discussion. The first two parts of the mission went without a hitch, but some things are just broke and can not be fixed.If you guys have interesting ways to fix the episodes we would love to hear about them please email us your fixes to syntaholics@hotmail.com or of we are wrong and these are great episodes please write us and tell us that too! Well it’s time to grab yourself a drink it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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One thought on “Episode 64: Worst of the worst”

  1. Reportedly, “Way to Eden” was a horribly morphed version of a story proposed story that was going to be called “Joanna”…. and in that storyline, McCoy’s young adult daugher Joanna visits the Enterprise; things get complicated when Kirk falls in love with her. Unfortunately that story never was because somebody decided that Kirk, Spock, and McCoy should be contemporaries. I really think “Joanna” would have been a much more powerful episode.

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