Episode 85: The Halloween “One”

Episode 85: The Halloween “One”

This week Holly Michelle from the Artful Gremlins joins us to talk about the Star Trek Voyager Episode “One”! Last year we brought you Schisms as our Halloween flavored episode and to continue with that we bring you an episode that may not be scary to the view on its surface. But to Seven of Nine she was facing extreme isolation, hallucinations, and being alone with a doctor. All the while her ship is failing all around her and he has been tasked with keeping all her sleeping crew mates alive. All of this makes for one of the closest things we get in Star Trek to the feeling of horror and a Halloween type episode! This week we recorded at Holly’s house so take all the bumps and scrapes as just audio dressing for a spooky episode! Well it’s time pull out your favorite Halloween alcoholic beverage! I hope it is green colored to honor Scotty! Get ready for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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