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Episode 181: In a Mirror, Darkly

Episode 181: In a Mirror, Darkly

Episode 181: In a Mirror, Darkly

Last week Holly had some burning questions about the Tholians, so Aaron and David join Holly and  we take a look at the next time we see the Tholians “In a Mirror, Darkly”! Before we get into the episode Aaron has some news from the Star Trek Discovery cast fresh out of Fan Expo. “In a Mirror, Darkly” is a two part episode in Star Trek Enterprise’s fourth season. In this two parter we find out what happens with the Defiant after it was lost in interphasic space.

Oddly enough it ends up in the mirror universe 100 years in the past. After seeing Star Trek Discovery we all kind of scratch our heads at some of the actions that happen between the characters in this two parter. It seems at this time in the mirror universe everyone’s a little less murdery. Because there are multiple times in these episodes where character fight but they just let the loser live once they are beaten. But all in all we enjoyed “In a Mirror, Darkly”. Pour yourself a Gorn drink it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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