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Episode 110: Star Trek The Disease


Episode 110: Star Trek The Disease

This week Aaron and David are alone to talk about Star Trek Voyager season 5 episode The Disease. We wanted to get into this episode because we referenced it the last time we spoke about Voyager in the Nightingale episode. Two is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do when you are Harry Kim and there is no reason you can’t be together in the story. He can’t be with his love because of silly 90’s television rules! This is a surprisingly strong episode of Voyager even though it is a Kim strong episode. We have fun discussing the episode and making up silly words for the parts of love! Aaron brings it with some great background info The Disease’s two main guest stars be sure to listen till the end to hear these. There are no borg in this episode but we did have a Borg Queen Martini to drink. You know the drill mix or pour yourself a drink because it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek.

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