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Episode 102: Our Year of Hell

Our Year of Hell

Episode 102: Our Year of Hell

This week we welcome our good friend Pete Herr AKA the Grumpy Geek to talk about Star Trek Voyager Year of Hell! We ask Pete what he has going on lately at The Geekiverse before getting into the episode. This episode deals with Red Forman of That 70’s Show causing time travel mayhem for the crew of the voyager for a year! Aaron makes a Simpsons reference that falls the unfamiliar ears of David and Pete. We go on other rabbit holes such as Batman,  James Bond, Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Discovery! We picked this episode as it is a favorite of Pete’s and it also lets us look back at the last year when things changed for Aaron and I! Since bloodwine comes up quite a bit this episode I recommend you grab some it is an excellent beverage as it is time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

You can find Pete Herr on Twitter at @peteherr
Please check out our friends at the Geekiverse. https://thegeekiverse.com/
They also have a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGUVJH0cT27WRxjtcnQYG-Q

Checkout our first non podcast YouTube Video where David makes Klingon Bloodwine!

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