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Episode 145: The Prime Directive Part 1

Episode 145: The Prime Directive Part 1

Synthaholics Episode 145: The Prime Directive Part 1

After talking about Ransom and Janeway both admitted to bending the prime directive last week. Aaron pitched the idea of talking about the prime directive. We thought this was a great idea but we decided it was too big to cover in one go so we will be doing multiple episodes about the prime directive.

This week we discuss the basics of what the prime directive is as well as some inconsistencies and exceptions to the rule. Specifically we get into General Order 24 and a little bit into the Omega Directive. We hope you are thirsty it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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Episode 4: The Booze-hound of Boseman

Episode 4: Boozehound of Bozeman

The Synthaholics David and Aaron do their first user requested episode theme! This theme being First Contact and more specifically the character of Zefram Cochrane. This character between the TOS Episode Metamorphosis and Star Trek: First Contact seem very different and so we dig into this subject to give you are deepest thoughts on this. In this episode we give our take on the synopsis for episode and movie. We also have our second Riker Scores and Harry Fails.
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