Episode 99: Approaching the Threshold

Approaching the Threshold

Episode 99: Approaching the Threshold

Synthaholics is approaching the threshold the 100 episode threshold! So we dive into the much talked about and much ridiculed Star Trek Voyager episode Threshold. But first we go into the latest casting announcement we have for Star Trek discovery and its newest delay. We talk about how this episode could have been made better because the episode doesn’t really completely fall apart until the last act. Michael De Luca wrote the story for this episode and Aaron brings up some fun facts about him. Do salamanders like alcoholic beverages? If so it’s time to grab that drink it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 99: Approaching the Threshold”

  1. The aliens that live in the ‘everywhere state’?
    A. The Organians
    B. Nagilum
    C. The Traveler and Wesley
    D. The Q continuum

  2. Ok.  Yes. Threshold stinks like week old farts. But it doesn’t nor will it ever hold a candle to… ‘Spock’s Brain’… Remember, “Brain. Brain… What is brain? It is controller is it not?”

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