Episode 105: Star Trek Noobz 2 Space Seed

Star Trek Noobz 2 Space Seed

Episode 105:  Star Trek Noobz 2 Space Seed

Trevor White of The Geekiverse joins us for Star Trek Noobz 2: Space Seed! We had a great time with Josiah on Trek Noobz one we just needed to follow that up with another one. Space Speed is a classic episode of the Original Series that introduces Khan since Trevor is familiar with the JJ film reboots we thought this would be a great place to introduce him to the original series. We have a blast revisiting this episode while trying a new drink the James Tea Kirk, it’s green and has lots of different alcohols! The Geekiverse is running Geek Maddness please check out the link for this below. At the beginning of the episode we mention that Aaron was on another podcast this week check it out the link is below! Raid the liquor cabinet it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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Check out Geek Madness

David was able to join the Geekiverse doing Geek Charades

Aaron is the guest on this weeks Nerdynomicon to talk comics!

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