Episode 58: In the Pale Moonlight

Episode 58: In the Pale Moonlight

This week we welcome Andrew Dumais back to the show to talk about the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode In the Pale Moonlight. Andrew Dumais last joined us when we did our “The Doctors” episode way back early last season! Andrew and David talk about how much we enjoy the episode and Aaron puts us to the question of why we like this episode so very very much! This challenges us to speak coherently after a few drinks! Who has the best argument? I think you the listener should decide! Please grab your prune juice your or your “It’s a Fake” Romulan ale, you might need it! It’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 58: In the Pale Moonlight”

  1. Not sure if you can quantify Picard as unrealistic or two dimensional because of his consistently exemplary behavior. He’s a throwback to a more old-school type of officer, from the days of “officers and gentleman” and “warrior-scholars”. In fact, he reminds me of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel; sort of the archetypal honor-bound chivalric officer, the type of guy who would have graduated as valedictorian from the Academy. I understand that Sisko was under pressure on the Frontier, and he had seen some bad stuff, but i think his decision would not have been shared by any of the other captains. I think Picard would have found a different solution, and I think that Kirk would have failed, because I think he, like Picard, would have had too much integrity(and spock wouldn’t have let him), but I don’t know if he had the diplomatic skills to resolve the situation… I agree a little more with Andrew that it may have been a little bit of lazy writing to have a star fleet captain tarnish themselves so badly. It did add a dimension to Sisko’s character though, so I suppose it’s a tradeoff for the show.

  2. Why this episode is ultimately an incredible episode is because it, like Deep Space Nine as a whole, posits the question “What if we are the bad guys?” I don’t view the Federation as this altogether good thing. Ideologically and materially they aren’t that different than any other power in the Alpha Quadrant. So doing something like this doesnt surprise me, because an empire must be maintained. Love DS9. Love this episode.

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