Episode 55: Bonnie Moss, Leonard Nimoy, and Original Fandom

Episode 55: Bonnie Moss, Leonard Nimoy, and Original Fandom

This week on Synthaholics we welcome Bonnie Moss to the show. Bonnie Moss is the associate producer on Larry Nemecek’s Con of Wrath documentary as well as personal friend of Leonard Nimoy. Guy Davis joins Fayth and I as co-host this week as we talk with Bonnie about her friendship with Leonard Nimoy. She also tell us about some history of the life of Nimoy and we talk about his photography and more! Bonnie also tells us about how she got involved with the Con of Wrath documentary. Please join us and we hope you enjoy this fantastic interview with Bonnie Moss! Grab a drink it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek!

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