Book Club Episode 26: Dune Part 26

Book Club Episode 26: Dune Part 26

Book Club Episode 26: Dune Part 26

Book Club Episode 26: Dune Part 26

Aaron and David discuss the final chapter of Dune. Paul meets with The Emperor and makes a power play to get himself wed to his daughter so he can become the new Emperor. But before he can do that he must have a battle with the Harkonnen Feyd-Rautha to the death.  Even though Paul marries Princess Irulan for possession he promises Chani that Irulan will never know his love and that Chani will always be his special one. Dune is a groundbreaking work of Sci-fi and while star wars for sure borrowed elements there still isn’t anything quite like Dune. Pour yourself a cold beverage and listen to more Dune, enjoy together responsibly!

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