Book Club Episode 21: Dune Part 21

Book Club Episode 21: Dune Part 21

Book Club Episode 21: Dune Part 21

Book Club Episode 21: Dune Part 21

Aaron and David discuss the next two chapters of Dune. This time we are hanging out with the lovely Harkonnens of Giedi Prime. The Baron is very upset to learn his boytoy of the day has an imperfection, a poisoned dart put there by his nephew Feyd-Rautha. The Baron confronts Feyd and tells him to think bigger as the barron is trying to set up Feyd to become emperor. Meanwhile Thufir Hawat plots to take down the Harkonnens while doing mentat mathing work for them. It was nice to get off Arrakis for a bit to learn more about the enemy. Pour yourself a cold beverage and listen to more Dune, enjoy together responsibly!

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