Book Club Episode 11: Dune Part 11

Book Club Episode 11: Dune Part 11

Book Club Episode 11: Dune Part 11

Book Club Episode 11: Dune Part 11

Aaron and David discuss the next two chapters of Dune, with Doctor Yueh’s plan set in motion the Harkonnen have invaded the palace. Duncan wasn’t drunk and loud for long enough as  the lady Jessica and Paul are drugged and bound to meat Barron Harkonnen and Piter. Piter plays, let’s make a deal and this results in Paul and Jessica being taken into the desert to be left for dead, will Doctor Yueh keep his word Duke Leto that he will keep his woman and son safe from the Harkonnens? Find out at this week’s Dune Book Club. Pour yourself a cold beverage and listen to more Dune Enjoy together responsibly!

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