Book Club Episode 10: Dune Part 10

Book Club Episode 10: Dune Part 10

Book Club Episode 10: Dune Part 10

Book Club Episode 10: Dune Part 10

This week Duncan Idaho is such a loud drunk that he wakes up Lady Jessica while she is sleeping from down the hall. Duncan has been enjoying the spice beer and hanging with the ladys a little too much. Lady Jessica then has an intense talk with Thufir and debates whether to not tell him she is pregnant with the Duke’s daughter. Duke Leto finds a corpse down the hall and then the almost corpse of the nearly deceased Shadout Mapes. He then discovers that his dentist Doctor Yueh seems to have been sabotaging the generator room. Doctor Yueh gives him some anti speed and replaces his tooth so that he can use it to assassinate Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Pour yourself a cold beverage and listen to more Expanse. Enjoy together responsibly!

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