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Episode 6: Robots Gone Wild!!!!


Episode 6: Robots Gone Wild!!!

Things get toasty as David and Aaron take a look all the times that robots in Star Trek have lost control and threatened humanity! In this episode you’ll hear about TOS Episodes What LIttle Girls are Made of? and The Changeling.We also briefly touch on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We then move to TNG and talk about Datalore, The Schizoid Man, Brothers, and Descent 1 and 2! In this episode we are conveniently skipping talking about holodecks and holograms going wild. This may make subject matter for a future episode of Synthaholics! Plus an all new Riker Scores segment closing the book forever on our favorite android’s little black book! Don’t forget to check us out on iTunes so you can subscribe and leave us a rating and review so you can let us know how we are doing so we can improve! Live Long and Prosper!

Episode 5: Trek vs Trek (Series Wars)

Episode 5: Trek vs Trek (Series Wars)

In this Episode David and Aaron discuss some casting news for Star Trek 3. We also talk about a big what if question and discuss a listeners idea for the future of Star Trek. We then move into our main topic of how we rate the different Star Trek Series. Once we each give our rating we then defend our reasoning. In an unexpected twist our rating is almost identical except for one key difference.Listen to find out! We talk The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and briefly the Animated Series! Check out this episodes cover art for a preview of this weeks Riker Scores!

Episode 4: The Booze-hound of Boseman

Episode 4: Boozehound of Bozeman

The Synthaholics David and Aaron do their first user requested episode theme! This theme being First Contact and more specifically the character of Zefram Cochrane. This character between the TOS Episode Metamorphosis and Star Trek: First Contact seem very different and so we dig into this subject to give you are deepest thoughts on this. In this episode we give our take on the synopsis for episode and movie. We also have our second Riker Scores and Harry Fails.
All our music is provided by Warp 11.

Episode 3: The Future of Star Trek

Episode 3: The Future of Star Trek

The Synthholics talk about the upcoming Star Trek movie news. We also discuss any news related to Star Trek on Television. We talk about the current state of Star Trek fan creations such as Star Trek Axanar, Star Trek Continues, and Star Trek Renegades. We also reveal all our hopes and dream for the future of Star Trek. Then we finally delve into what we think would really happen given what we know about the future of Star Trek Also. On this episode we introduce our new segment Riker Scores and Harry Kim Fails. All our music is now provided by Warp 11.

Episode 2: Remembering a Legend Leonard Nimoy

Episode 2: Remembering a Legend

“I have been and shall always be your friend.”

Synthaholics David and Aaron use this episode to remember the great Leonard Nimoy. We open with a poem from Leonard Nimoy and we discuss some of our favorite Spock moments. We will also hear from other members of the Disruptor Beam team as well as Cosplayer Bellechere about their favorite Leonard Nimoy moments. Please check out Disruptor Beam and Bellechere links for them are below. I have also provided links for Nimoy’s poetry and photography.

Episode 1: To Boldly Go


Episode 1: To Boldly Go

Synthaholics David and Aaron introduce themselves and discusses their top 5 favorite Star Trek Episodes. Listen as cheating ensues as they pick two parter episodes claiming them as one! As an added bonus we hear David speak with Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff about the upcoming game Star Trek Timelines. Links for Disruptor Beam and Star Trek Timelines below! Please join our facebook group for Synthaholcis so we can start a great Star Trek community!