The Crew

David Duncan


David Duncan is a life long fan of Star Trek.  Since his father was a big Trek fan so David knew about Star Trek from the time he could speak. At a young age his father helped him learn the Vulcan salute by taping the appropriate fingers together on both hands at the same time! My fathers strategy worked as I can now perform the Vulcan salute on both hands with out thinking about it! David is a game design graduate of Full Sail University and in his free time furthering his game design knowledge by doing Game Jams when ever possible and by teaching him self art application such as Maya and Photoshop.  He currently works as an Operations Center Engineer and in his free time he works on an indie game project with Stimpaq Studios as well as manages and edits this the Synthaholcs podcast!

Aaron O’Brian


Aaron O’Brian is a life long Trekie and comic book enthusiast. He is a comic book artist and illustrator for a local comic book group called Visions.  He and David met at a customer service job in 2013. While working together in customer service they found out that Star Trek was a common interest. Aaron saw some of David’s Maya work and approached David about doing some 3d work in Maya for a Star Trek web comic idea he had. In late 2014 Aaron and David started talking about doing a Star Trek Podcast thus Synthaholics was born!


A Star Trek Podcast